Asian America vs. Me

This post will mostly be me just rambling, trying to get down some thoughts I've had in the past month or so. In my attempts over the last few years to gain a historical understanding of the Asian American identity, I’ve struggled to draw a line of continuity from the Asian American experiences of systems … Continue reading Asian America vs. Me

Lessons in a corner

You were silent before, lover, I muted my own self to make sense of it. Backed against the wall, I slid forth my dignity into a meat shredder Lips pressed tight all the while. It was my pleasure. By the time you turned and were your own self again I was ground up, pattied and … Continue reading Lessons in a corner

Solving for z

"Do you think everyone has something to prove?" he asked. A question containing two indefinite nouns. Everyone — who? Something — what? Nouns forming the blurry foundations upon which the question rests. (He's always asking questions like this. Questions that don't move toward an argument derived from a few basic assumptions, but rather questions that cast doubt on those … Continue reading Solving for z

Authenticity in relationships, and what we can do without

If there’s ever a time when an introvert is at a disadvantage being alone, it’s when she’s in an unfamiliar place. Every time I've moved to a new city and made new friends, it’s been an uphill battle for me, and I’ve always envied my more extroverted friends who are less afraid, less apologetic about … Continue reading Authenticity in relationships, and what we can do without